Flexibility - Inner beauty must have for collagen production, nails, hair

Flexibility - Inner beauty must have for collagen production, nails, hair


Support for healthy joints, bones, hair, skin, nails, stretch marks & acne



A multi-action formula that provides antioxidant and joint support for 
your cartilage and bones. A warming spice blend that includes turmeric 
to hug your taste buds and your joints.

Nutritionally dense formula from all vegan friendly ingredients.




Perfect nutritional support for nails, skin integrity post dermal therapies 
and cosmetic procedures, collagen, devitalised skin, poor wound healing, auto immune skin conditions, dermatitis. 
A great match with everyday skincare products.  


Organic Sprout Blend

A comprehensive nutritionally dense organic sprout blend. Containing all organic Amaranth Sprout, Quinoa Sprout, Millet Sprout, Buckwheat Sprout, Chick Pea Sprout, Lentil Sprout, Adzuki Sprout, Alfalfa Sprout, Flax Sprout, Sunflower Sprout, Pumpkin Sprout, Chia Sprout and Sesame Sprout.

Good balance of nutrients to support your joints and digestion.



Contributes to normal energy metabolism and necessary for normal 
nerve and muscle function.


Necessary for normal bone structure, nerve and muscle function.

Vitamin C 

Naturally sourced from the Acerola Cherry. Contributes to cell protection 
from free radical damage and normal collagen formation for the normal 
function of skin.

Organic Turmeric 

The traditional Indian herb.

Organic Masala Chai Blend

Cinnamon, Cardamom, Clove, Star Anise, Liquorice, Nutmeg and Black Pepper.

Organic Mushroom Vitamin D2

Vitamin D is necessary for normal bone structure.


Natural sea mineral complex, made from special calcified red algae.
Contains bio-active calcium and magnesium as well as 72 other trace minerals.


Clean ingredients

NO GMO, eggs, nuts, gluten, dairy, synthetic vitamins, artificial ingredients, 
flavours, colours, preservatives or additives.


Nutritionist developed

Nutritionally dense formula from all vegan friendly ingredients, developed 
in conjunction with accredited Nutritionist, Fiona Tuck.



Blend 2 level teaspoons (7g) to 200ml of water, smoothies or juice or 
sprinkle over cereal to increase nutrient intake as part of a balanced 
and nutritious diet.

We recommend storing our wholefood powders below 25°C unopened 
and in the refrigerator after opening. 

Always use a clean, dry spoon.